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Introducing Cat Cocos II: Isle of La Digue
Wednesday, 30 June 2010

CTS’s sister company, Inter Island Boats Ltd., is pleased to confirm the exciting news of a new addition to its fleet…the Cat Cocos II: Isle of La Digue!

The new boat will be operating from Mahe to La Digue directly, whilst Cat Cocos: Isle of Praslin, will be continuing its usual daily rotation between Mahe to Praslin. There will be 2 onboard cabin classes: the Coco de Mer economy class which can carry a maximum of 220 passengers, and the Lazio Lounge business class that can cater to 16 in luxurious comfort.

Isle of La Digue, built by a 2009 award winning shipyard in Tasmania, is a 27m long Incat Crowther powered by MTU engines. By operating at 85% of its maximum speed, it will have a cruising speed of 27 knots. Many inhabitants of La Digue who work on the main island of Mahe will find this additional and efficient service very convenient, cutting travelling time and cost by no longer having to first cross over to Praslin to catch Cat Cocos I, and then make their way to Mahe from there. The tourism industry will also welcome this news as it facilitates inter island crossing for tourists visiting or staying on La Digue.

Due to arrive in Seychelles in mid-February 2011, it is expected to be operational by the end of the same month.

Source: Creole Travel Services Newsletter, Edition 109; June 25 2010