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Seychelles 2011 - Carnaval International de Victoria – A to Z
Tuesday, 09 November 2010

The Seychelles 2011 ‘Carnaval International de Victoria’ is set to become a unique event where different countries of the world are invited to showcase themselves – their culture, their achievements, their position on the world stage, their trading potential, etc - through fun and animated carnival floats parading through the streets of Victoria, the world’s smallest capital has opened itself to host this event ‘the melting pot of cultures’. The Carnaval International de Victoria Day 1. The three-day Carnival will start with a Big Open alfresco restaurant-styled activity on the 4th March where the City of Victoria will be turned into an entertainment venue with music from across the world and with food from the four corners of the planet. Participating countries are being encouraged to work with local hotels to set up alfresco restaurants in Victoria to showcase the different cultures’ culinary skills and delights and to sell their products to revellers. Music and food will be setting the stage for the theme of the Carnival - ‘the melting pot of cultures’. The Victoria City celebrations will be a whole day and night activity where the concept of the melting pot of cultures will truly come alive. The Opening Ceremony: The official opening of the 2011 Seychelles ‘Carnaval International de Victoria’ will take place in the afternoon of Day 1, when visiting dignitaries, representing various participating countries, will be invited to be present to witness the official launch of the 2011 edition of the Seychelles Carnival which will be done in the centre of Victoria in the middle of the celebrations. Day 2. Carnival day: The Carnival Day itself is set for the 5th March where floats will gather at the Stadium at Roche Caiman, and move in a Carnival Procession from 10am towards Victoria. The Carnival procession will then tour the main Victoria roads using Francis Rachel Street as its entry point, and return to Roche Caiman Stadium via Independence Avenue and Francis Rachel Street. It will be a circular loop that will take the procession from Roche Caiman back to Roche Caiman, with school children, spectators and international & local press lining the streets from start to finish. Carnival ‘melting pot of cultures’: Music and carnival costumes will be depending on the different country’s floats. Seychelles will have a Carnaval Song which is being composed by a range of local artists and will take in the country’s three national languages, Creole, English and French. Victoria will have music from different parts of the world to create the ambience of the different participating countries and set Seychelles as being truly the capital of the city that is the melting pot of cultures. After the carnival procession, the carnival participants will take the show to Victoria, supported by the local population who will be invited to join in the spirit of the carnival with their own costumes and accessories. Day 3. The Carnival Floats will all assemble at the Roche Caiman Stadium for a ‘family fun day’ where the different participants will mingle with the local tourist population and the Seychellois coming from all over Mahe, Praslin, La Digue, Silhouette and the other islands. Food stalls and beverage outlets will be set right around the Stadium where an ‘all day musical show’ will be performed by Seychellois Artists and by Musical & Cultural Groups from participating countries. This will be a paying event. The A to Z of the Carnival Airline tickets: Participants will have a selection of airlines flying to Seychelles to choose from. Group rates are available on most airlines flying to Seychelles. The Seychelles Tourism Board remains ready to assist with making bookings through its many Tourist Board Offices across the world. Accommodation: Participants will have a selection of accommodation options to choose from during their stay ranging from large and small hotels, guesthouses and self-caterings. The Seychelles Tourism Board will negotiate special carnival rates for all participants at your hotel of choice. Trucks & Trailers for the carnival floats: Arrangements can be made to rent a selection of vans, trucks and trailers for the participants’ individual floats. Details of your required types of transport and cost of rental will be supplied on request from the organising committee. Recruitment of casual labour of tradesmen: Arrangements can be made to source needed casual workers and tradesmen required for assembling floats. Rates will be negotiated on behalf of the participants by the Organising Committee. The organising committee: This is the body responsible for organising the carnival and for providing for its various logistical requirements. Mrs Marymonde Matatiken, Manager Events and Convention at the Seychelles Tourism Board is the person responsible for the 2011 Seychelles Carnival. She may be contacted by email on Visa requirements: No visas are required for Seychelles. Presentation of a valid passport, return ticket, proof of accommodation and sufficient funds for the duration of the stay will secure one-month visitor’s permit. Visiting Seychelles: Participants wishing to visit the sights of Seychelles and enjoy the wonderful diversity of the islands will have an opportunity to book many types of excursions through local ground handlers (DMC’s) who can arrange for island-hopping trips, tours, fishing, diving & sailing excursions as well as guided nature tours. Contact the Carnival organising Committee for information and contact details. Source: SHTA E-News Issue No. 23, 2010