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Cable & Wireless broadband goes prepaid!
Sunday, 26 September 2010

Communications provider Cable & Wireless has announced the launch of a prepaid broadband service nationwide that allows customers to connect to the cable broadband service and top up their usage by recharge vouchers. Branded as “prepaid broadband internet”, this new service allows customers to take control of the amount they spend on the internet each month. Offering speeds of up to 1 Mbps, the service is hassle-free with no contracts, no monthly bills and no credit checks. What makes prepaid broadband internet unique is that you only get charged for what you use. You simply pay for what you need, when you need it. Should you need to engage in more bandwidth intensive online activities or less bandwidth hungry ones, simply top up your account as per your requirement. With three different recharge vouchers to choose from – 200MB at only R70, 450MB at only R140 or 1000MB at only R300, customers can now recharge their account with these vouchers and therefore use as much or as little as they want. Much like the mobile prepaid service, prepaid broadband internet allows connectivity as long as there is a positive usage data balance in the customer’s account. One can get access to prepaid broadband internet by ADSL, which is the landline internet technology that is currently available only from Cable & Wireless. Commenting on the importance of prepaid broadband internet, Charles Hammond, chief executive of Cable & Wireless Seychelles, said: “In this dynamic environment, it is of utmost importance for one to have an internet connection so as to be able to conduct business, browse, download as well as communicate with friends, colleagues and family overseas through an easy and convenient medium. How does prepaid broadband internet work? Customers first have to fill in an ADSL prepaid broadband application form at any Cable & Wireless customer service centre. A one-off installation fee will be charged. On installation, they simply go to the prepaid broadband captive portal ( to register their account details. They can then start using the service by logging on to the captive portal using their registered username and password. An information window displaying your current usage details will allow you to keep track of your current session usage. This is updated every few minutes and thus keeps you up to date on your usage. Once you have finished your internet session, customers can simply log off using the prepaid broadband portal by clicking on the “log out” tab. Provided there is a positive usage balance in their account, they can log on again at a later date for another session. Recharging this account can be done using the three different prepaid broadband recharge vouchers. By gently scratching the silver panel on the back of the card, a Pin number is revealed which is then input on the prepaid broadband captive portal under the “recharge account” tab. A recharge confirmation message will then appear notifying you of the transaction, which can also be viewed under the “my account” tab on the same captive portal. A special promotional installation fee is being offered up to the end of October 2010 that enables customers to obtain the service at an attractive reduced start-up cost. Source: