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Local Partners
Zil Air & Helicopter Seychelles’ Commercial Joint Venture
Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Seychelles’ commercial helicopter services, Zil Air and Helicopter Seychelles, are currently discussing the prospect of forming a Commercial Joint Venture in order to further build on their success and to provide an overall more efficient and cost effective service. Aside from simply combining the two companies’ services, the resulting new management will primarily concentrate on providing “a consumercentric approach to local and international suppliers, island resorts and highly valued clientele”. The new scheme is dedicated in offering all clients “uncompromising service excellence”, ensuring both companies’ strong belief in their “safety first” policy, whilst at the same time, continue to provide some of the most amazing ways to experience the finest that the beautiful Seychelles can offer. CTS Marketting News Flash July 9 2010 - Edition 110