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Mobile phone safety   

  • Don’t leave your mobile unattended. Keep it in your pocket or handbag when not in use
  • All phones have a unique 15 digit IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number which can be used in cases of thefts to trace the phone. Simply key in *#06# in your phone to find yours, and keep it safe because you never know when you might need it
  • Have a PIN number that is unique to you! Remember to change it when you first buy a phone
  • Use security lock code and only unlock your phone when you need to use it
  • Never buy a phone unless you know the seller is the owner or the person selling the phone can show proof of purchase
  • If someone asks to use your phone claiming an emergency situation then ask them the number they want dialing and the message to give 
  • Phone the number and relay the message yourself unless you are confident that there is no chance of the person running off or refusing to give your phone back
  • Report a lost or stolen phone to the police immediately
  • Inform your service provider if your phone is stolen or lost
  • Don’t attract attention to your phone when you are carrying or using it in the street
  • Keep windows/doors of your car closed, when you are talking on mobile phone
  • Be prepared, don’t think it can’t happen to me! Extra vigilance can produce results. You are less likely to become a victim if you are aware of your surroundings

 Mobile phone usage

  • Lock your phone keys after use. If the phone is kept unlocked in your bag or pocket it could result in unnecessary calls or deletion of information
  • Do not use mobile phone while driving, invest in a hands free set
  • While driving, never keep your mobile phone on the dashboard
  • Don’t use your mobile phone while it is charging as it is attached to a live connection
  • Never use the telephone under your shower, in the bath or swimming pool. A wet telephone or handset may cause an electric discharge
  • Ensure that Bluetooth is disabled when not in use
  • Lower your screen’s brightness. The majority of mobile phone displays will be set to full brightness when you first switch them on and, unless you change it manually, they will stay on that setting. You don’t usually need full brightness to view the screen properly and setting it as low as possible will save plenty of energy
  • It’s also best to keep the backlight on for as short an amount of time as possible, so turn it down to around 15 seconds, or less if possible to extend your battery life
  • Don’t leave your mobile phone in the sun or the battery will start to heat up
  • Screensavers and moving wallpapers may look pretty but they use up battery power, so turn them off
  • A loud ring and the vibrate mode also use up a lot of power, so turn down the volume and turn off the vibrate mode if you don’t need it
  • If you restrict your phone usage to text messaging or phone calls and turn it off when you don’t need it, your battery will last much longer
  • Change the battery every two years.

Landline safety

  • Avoid using the telephone during violent lightning strikes. Despite lightning protection devices the telephone lines could be affected by lightning. During lightning strikes disconnect any instruments attached to your telephone line, including your fax machines and cordless telephone sets. It is also advisable to disconnect all your computer equipment including your Internet modem as well
  • Some people abuse the telephone service by making malicious, offensive and obscene calls. If you receive a malicious call, hang up at once. Do not engage in conversation with the caller. If the calls continue then contact the police who will take steps in order to trace and ascertain the origin of the malicious calls. Individuals who get caught making indecent and malicious calls may be prosecuted and punished by law
  • You are not obliged to pay money to telephone technicians in respect of any service rendered in connection with any telephone installation. If telephone technicians demand payment for any work done you are requested to bring this to the attention of your telephone service provider
  • Telephone technicians who are responding to home calls should carry an ID card bearing their name, designation and signature of their section Manager.

Money Saving Tips

  • If you are a fixed line customer check your bill carefully to see if you make more calls and send more texts than your current package allows. If you regularly exceed your monthly allowance, contact your service provider and see if you can switch to a package more appropriate to your needs
  • If you want to better manage your phone allowance switch from fixed line to prepaid. Prepaid customers benefit from promotions such as double top-ups which can save you money
  • Always remember, texting is much cheaper than calling!